Vintage LED bulbs make what’s old new again while saving energy and money!


Vintage LEDs are the mom jeans of the lighting world, but better

When it comes to trends, from fashion to architecture, everything old is new again is a persistent theme. Who could have imagined that high-waisted mom jeans would become cool (again)? It’s hard to know where to draw the line, although I feel it lies somewhere between hair scrunchies and wallet chains…

Some trends hearken even further back to old-timey times. Such is the case with exposed-filament, vintage LED bulbs, which have become incredibly popular, particularly among the ironically-bearded, toque-sporting hipster set. Clusters of pared-down, Edison-style bulbs first appeared in coffee shops, urban steampunk bars and restaurants almost 20 years ago.

LEDs maintain old vibes, but with less energy waste


Not only were these initial reincarnations a throwback to a bygone era, they relied on traditional incandescent technology to achieve their rustic-chic allure. Fortunately the hipster movement is relatively skin deep—less an exercise in careful authenticity and more so a tip of the toque to long-forgotten styles or a way of life. Enter the vintage LED bulb and you have the perfect marriage of rustic nostalgia and modern innovation, not to mention vastly improved efficiency and energy savings.

Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, vintage LED bulbs use an average of 2-10 watts and last more than 15,000 hours compared to incandescent bulbs at 500-1000 hours. And all that improved efficiency means more money in the bank for craft beer ventures or beard grooming kits.

Not just for the whiskey bar: Vintage LEDs are everywhere

Vintage LED bulbs are appealing for their understated, industrial elegance, which is juxtaposed against their warm, rustic glow. Their use has evolved from the basic, single bulb pendant and they are increasingly showcased in more modern and artistic lighting fixtures, which are popping up in commercial and residential spaces alike.

Whether you live in a downtown loft with exposed brick walls and or a more traditional home with old world influences, vintage LED bulbs lend any space an inviting, familiar air and instant warmth. These bulbs look great in modern chandelier fixtures made of brass, bronze or pewter metals, as well as in simple glass pendants that showcase the raw beauty of the bulb itself.

So even if your closet isn’t full of plaid shirts and denim vests, you can embrace the antique, Edison-style LED trend and make it your own with plenty of interesting options and applications to choose from. The energy saving, eco-friendly technology behind antique LED bulbs make them a guilt-free trend to experiment with, whether the look you’re going for is hip, modern, or something else entirely.


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