Winter is coming and not just the GOT kind. We’re already seeing leafs change and cooler send-shivers-down-your-spine winds all over Canada. This coming winter save energy at home and use that extra cash for some nice blankets or uber warm boots, because at home we got you covered!


Here’s How You Unexpectedly Can Save Energy at Home:

#1 Move Appliances Away From Your Thermostat!

If you place lamps, a TV set, DVD player or a booming sound system near the room’s thermostat, you’re making your thermostat read the artificial heating that comes from the appliances around it. This results in an air conditioner that works harder during the summer and a heater that takes longer to warm up your room -and at higher settings- during the winter.

Keep your thermostat reader away from appliances, placing them apart and applying some heating feng-shui to save energy at home! (Although to be fair, this works at the office too!)


#2 Save Up to to 25% of Your Electric Bill Choosing Better Bulbs

Lighting makes up 10 to 25 percent the energy costs of your home, part of that is the light bulb itself, which is likely either an incandescent or a perilous fluorescent CFL. LEDs consume less energy and produce the same light output that you’re used to, can be dimmable and even give out that warm glow the incandescent ones have and that CFLs don’t.  Here’s how you save energy with LEDs!

The other way your bulb choice is costing you money -and energy- is the little time they take to turn on and off and how often you leave them on. Use a motion sensor for the lights you usually leave on but shouldn’t – the investment will be repaid in savings in no time! Plus you help save mother earth!

And you also look cool being the dude with the fancy lights, that too.


#3 Shut the Duct! 20% of Your Heating -and Cooling-  is Going Out!

On average a Canadian household can lose up to 20% of its heated or cooled air through the duct system to the outside, sometimes they lack insulation and sometimes their seals have given out due to time and wear. Invest in your home and your future by having a professional check your ductwork, that’s your ventilation system,  also known as the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).


#4 Leaving Your Thermostat High During the Summer and Low During the Winter – WHAT?

It’s true! Just 6 degrees help reduce your cooling and heating costs significantly. The smaller the difference between your indoor and outdoor temperatures, the more energy you’ll save and less you’ll have to pay at the end of the month.

  • During the summer keep your thermostat as high as possible and aim for a 25° C or 78° F temperature indoors.
  • For winter you’ll definitely have to revisit this rule, but in general it’s better to throw a sweater over at home while the heating is on, than having the temperature inside so high that you can walk around in your underwear in every room of the house (no matter how cool they are).

It’s also healthier for you, since you stay away from sharp temperature changes going in and out of the place.


#5  Stop That Scalding Hot Shower! It’s Worth  Up to 25% of  Your Energy Bill 

Winter is coming, and with it that awkward shower dance between too cold to shower and too hot to keep your skin on. The good news is you can change the heating settings in your water heater to get permanently warm water, avoid boiling hot water surprises and save energy at home.

The great news? You can save the 14 to 25 percent of energy consumed around the house with that small change. Bring the temperature of your water heater down to “warm” or generally the 45° C or 120° F setting. It takes two minutes!

As an added green living benefit, you not only save energy but also save water, since you’ll take more reasonably timed showers (ahem shorter) when the water dance is not part of the equation. Enjoy the occasional hot bath as it is – a treat!


#6 Use Your Toaster and Counter Top Grill More Often!

Everyone loves to get baked…goods during the holidays, but there’s a ton of fun, quick and delicious recipes to make anything you like! Don’t believe us? Here are 10 ideas to try. It’s no secret: your oven takes longer to heat and consumes more energy, using a counter top alternative cuts energy use by at least 20%.


#7 Multiple Outlet Strips Save You $75 a Year!

Ok, that’s a catchy title, but if you have a computer on all day it spends about 21 cents, which add up to $75 a year. Now if instead of keeping appliances and electronics on standby mode you use a multiple outlet strip to unplug devices you’ll save energy at home and reduce your yearly bills!

Those $75 alone can buy you a snazzy new jacket.


#8 Landscaping and Decorating Can Save You Energy and $$

Your choice of plants and trees around the house, where you plant them and the kind of curtains you use can help or break your energy saving goals. Get a professional landscaper or plant some nice leafy trees or bushes near windows that get a lot of sun and wind exposure during the summer, their shade will help cool the house; while in the winter the barren tree trunks will provide some shelter for the exposed walls.

Getting help is good because you’ll place them at a safe distance, you don’t want plants to mess with your foundations!

Updating home decor to the seasons is both fun and incredibly energy-saving – use a light, see through set of curtains for the summer and thick dark ones for the winter; they will help the heat pass through or get trapped.


#9 Get a Smart Thermostat! It Can Save ~ $150 a Year!

Automatically cooling and heating off the areas you use when you are home and shutting off the system in the areas that you don’t use -or are not in- can save a lot of energy at home, especially when compared to heating and cooling systems that are on all day long waiting for your return.

A smart thermostat can be programmed so that it heats or cools your home in time for your arrival and when you are home – in the areas in use only. That small change can save from 10% to 25% of your energy consumption and at the same time lower your bill around CAD 150/ year.



With these 9 things you probably hadn’t considered before you can save energy at home, reduce your carbon footprint, save cash for other things you like, plant some trees and live a little more green. Our beautiful blue marble needs it, and you can always use that little extra dough.

What are some energy saving tips you hadn’t thought of that you saw here, or what can you suggest we add to this list? We LOVE to hear back from you! Comment below ->

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Maria Miranda
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