What if we told you, you can grow herbs, fruits and vegetables year-round? And not in a tropical sunny location, but in the comfort of your home and in the heart of Canada? Well now you can, with LED Grow Lights. Usually reserved for large industrial applications LED Grow lights are now accessible to the public for a fraction of the cost but keeping all the might this revolutionary technology has to offer.

Grow Lights allow you to set up a gardening or indoor farming station, harvesting the power of the sun in an easy to use, plug-and-play installation, every day of the year – including long, dark winters!

What are LED Grow Lights Anyway?

Simply put, they’re LED bulbs or fixtures that have been adapted to produce the color spectrum that plants respond most to when exposed to sunlight, that is: red and blue in the simplest version. The final product emits a soothing purple light that helps plants of any kind grow strong, nutrient-rich and efficiently in indoor spaces that may or may not have any access to sunlight. More advanced grow lights have a red, far red, blue and white blend of wavelengths – is an optimized light “recipe” for a wide variety of plants.

This is simply revolutionary!

Gardening and farming had traditionally been climate-depending; we used to only grow herbs, food and crops during sunny months that would give plants the sufficient sunlight, water and rich soil they need to grow, which meant that we were bound by seasons and some places were more appropriate for farming than others. Not anymore! Now you can have your own garden patch, indoor farm or greenhouse with just a few LED Grow lights and some seeds – you can grow anything you want!

Why We LOVE LED Grow Lights:

  • Safe and Organic: With the price of produce going up, GMO concerns and the need for more sustainable and organic solutions for health reasons, it makes sense to take control of your food and grow your own vegetables at home. Grow LED Lighting is completely safe and has been rigorously tested, so you can rest assured it will not affect your plants.
  • Energy Saving: You’ll save up to 90% in energy consumption if you compare LEDs to incandescent grow lights or the HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps that are often used for indoor gardening. If this is your first time growing your own herbs at home then you’ll love to know that there won’t be a huge spike in your power bill, because LEDs are by default energy efficient – meaning they require less energy to produce the same -and actually better- light than their counterparts.
  • Cool to the Touch: old grow lamps produced enormous amounts of heat and the areas where they were kept needed to be spacious because the heat generated had to dissipate. In fact, many commercial growing operations have to add expensive HVAC systems to cool the rooms, adding expense and another source of contaminants and airborne pathogens, mold, mildew, etc. LED Grow Lights are cool to the touch, will not endanger your plants and can be placed in pretty much any available space you have.
  • You Can Grow Herbs in Your Cupboard: while it is better to provide sufficient air for your plants and herbs to grow, you can literally create a grow lighting station anywhere in your house or apartment – even your cupboard!
  • It’s the Most Efficient Technology: Grow LEDs produce a targeted lighting spectrum, this means that they only provide the light that plants can really use and respond the best to, so it’s like supercharged sunlight with laser-targeting! In other words, you only give your plants what they need and more of it.
  • They’re Directional: you won’t be bothered by eerie purple lighting all over your kitchen or indoor garden area, because LED lights are directional and they only send light in the intended direction, meaning there will be no wasted light.
  • Affordable: starting just over of $100 and growing with your needs, this professional-grade technology won’t cost an arm and a leg! Anyone can afford them and benefit enormously from their investment, considering all the money you save once you start using your home-grown produce instead of buying out.
  • Tailor-Made Solutions: every home and need is different, Grow LED Lights can be designed to fit your space and budget, giving you the best and most advanced technology in the most convenient format possible. It’s a win-win
  • Environmentally Friendly! Grow LED Lights are not just energy efficient -like all LEDs- they’re also a great way to reduce organic and inorganic waste. As you rely more and more on your own production, you buy less packaged products and go off the grid. And you do not have to worry about pesticides as you can control pests by growing where there are none!
  • Forget About Seasonal: while the most eco-conscious way to consume and buy produce is to go local and seasonal, you can easily forget about the time of the year with your own growing station, because you can plant whatever you want all year!

How to Know if LED Grow Lights are for You:

LEDs Grow Light are an optimal solution for anyone who wants to take control of their health, grow herbs or vegetables, plant flowers or simply have a weather-resistant garden, but are especially handy –

  • If you have an indoor garden and have very expensive electricity bills, due to inefficient lighting output.
  • If your garden or grow area faces east, and sunlight is gone by noon.
  • If you live in an apartment or have limited space but want to grow your own herbs, fruits or vegetables.
  • If you want blooming flowers year-round.
  • If you’re interested in indoor gardening or urban farming.
  • If you want to save on produce purchases every month.
  • If you live in a cold area with little to no sunlight for months at a time and heavy winter months.

What’s not to love? Sky is no longer the limit! LED Grow Lights are the farming solution of the future in the now. Use them to grow tomatoes, basil, pepper, lettuce,strawberries, roses, violets, hemp and more!

Let us know if you have any questions regarding LED Grow Lights below and if you’re ready to take the plunge or just feel a little curious, feel free to contact us to find out what these lights can do specifically for you. If you’ve already tried them, let us know how it went!

About The Author

John Keirstead
John Keirstead
Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist and Inventor.
My objective is to develop useful products that have a net positive effect in the lives of those that use them and the environment that we live in.
CEO of Mission LED Lighting Company Ltd.

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  1. Frank He

    August 23, 2017 at 12:16 am

    Hello John,

    A very nice article about LED Grow Lights, which will become more and more popular in the near future, I am certain.

    Last year, one of our customers manufacturing LED Grow Lights approached us for Smart LED Grow Lights Control. And after a period of development, we designed a special controller for LED Grow Lights, connected to our smart gateway, building a smart lighting control system. Finally, the customer could remotely monitor and manage the LED Grow Lights without much effort.

    Waiting for your new articles!



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