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Fire was the first man-made light

  • Candles, torches, oil lamps and lanterns were for many centuries the norm and are still common place.

  • The invention of the electric incandescent lightbulb, about 140 years ago, changed how man made light, but also provided the first real practical use of electricity.

  • Because of the relative ease and safety which electricity could be generated, stored and distributed, quality electrical light could be put just about anywhere.

  • This breakthrough technology, transformed life as we know it and plunged us in to the industrial revolution, as now factories could operate around the clock.

  • Power is defined as the ability to do something… With the power of electrical lighting more can be done.

In our quest to do more, we are ever seeking new sources to fuel this power. But even the naive among us understand that the current resources that generate the power we all need to enjoy our modern lifestyle, are not endless, and in reality it is being consumed at faster and faster rates.

Not only are we starting to see the effects of the accelerated use of fossil fuels on our environment, we are starting to ask questions about the sustainability of the resources themselves.

There is a growing movement of people that believe that we must now use technology to deliver more for less and that we must always be mindful of the overall effects that consumption has on us, our environment and our future.

This is leading to ecologically friendly technological advances in power generation itself, as well a boom in energy efficient products that reduce power consumption, while doing more than ever.

This is the essence of what drives Mission LED Lighting Company.

It is our mission to use advanced solid state technology to generate amazing light in sustainable, environmentally friendly ways that has a net positive effect on those using the products and generations to come.

Our Testimonials

When you are building your dream home in Edmonton, Alberta, you have to think about energy efficiency because the winters are long and cold and the summers are scorching hot, and you don’t want to break the bank with power bills! So it was a given that we would use energy-efficient lighting along with all the other power-smart decisions we planned. The problem for us was that most of the energy-efficient lighting available was Fluorescent and CFLs, which we did not like the light from (or the mercury toxicity which I learned was not really good for us or the environment.) We started to look at LED lighting and were at first surprised by the high upfront costs, the number of choices and the conflicting information all over the internet and at local home improvement stores. Enter Mission LED Lighting Company.

They asked us what we would do if we were using traditional light, as well as any special requirements (like dimming) and then found us the perfect replacements in LEDs. They look fantastic, but that is not the most amazing part… Our electrician had installed a 200 Amp service to the home, as is pretty much standard for new construction around here these days, but while we were getting the place finished we could only have a temporary 30 amp circuit breaker hooked up. Well, we have over 50 pot lights that were originally supposed to have 50 W halogen bulbs and 25 MR16s that were supposed to take 40W bulbs. The electrician warned us that there would likely be a lot of nuisance tripping, and to watch what we turned on, as the AC alone was drawing over 13 amps. Well he was floored when we turned on every light in the place, ran the AC and plugged in all of our other appliances and still the breaker held just fine. I let him know that we used LED bulbs instead of what was specified (We used 6W LED versions for the non-dimming pot lights and 9W versions for the dimmable ones and 4W LED replacements for the MR16s). He pointed out that with this low draw that electrical codes really didn’t apply any more, as you would not need a 200 Amp with LEDs and could run nearly as many LED lights on a single circuit as you wanted to! Oh, and by the way, all the reduced draw spells huge savings for years and years to come. Mission LED Rocks!

Marc Tardif
Marc Tardif President at Echo Promotions Inc Find me on LinkedIn

Mission LED – great customer service, great technology representation.

Jim Schroeder
Jim SchroederCEO at CanH20 Solutions LtdFind me on LinkedIn