When it comes to the environment, we could all probably stand to clean up our act a little. We’ve only got one planet so we need to make a conscious effort to treat it with respect and part of that is choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products and routines.

While the chemicals in conventional cleaners are powerful germ fighters, they can also be damaging to our health and the environment.

A quick spritz here and there isn’t as harmless as it sounds. That one action can contribute to you inhaling and absorbing a host of nasty products through your skin as you rid your home of dirt and grime.

What’s more, the products used to polish our floors, sinks, tubs and toilets, will ultimately head straight down the drain to wreak havoc on our delicate aquatic ecosystems. And the way we clean, with tons of disposable wipes, mop covers and paper towels, those leave a dirty mark on our planet too.

Since spring cleaning season is just around the corner, we thought some green cleaning tips would be timely.

1. Mix it Up: Say goodbye to conventional cleaners in favour of greener products. There are plenty of natural recipes out there for those who enjoy making things from scratch. For example, a ¼ cup of vinegar and 4 cups of water in a spray bottle make an excellent window cleaner. But if you don’t have the energy to make your own cleaning concoctions, the next best option is to track down some environmentally sensitive household cleaning products at your local supermarket.

2. Cut the waste: As you pick out cleaning products, remember that it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. How items are packaged and where they were manufactured also contributes to the overall environmental impact. Where possible, pick items that are locally made and can be easily refilled. Also keep in mind that concentrated products are a better choice because they save on packaging and associated CO2 emissions from transport.

3. Freshen Up: If you are like most Canadians, chances are your windows have been sealed up all winter, keeping the chilly air outside where it belongs. With the weather now complying, we think it’s time to crack those windows wide open and let the glorious fresh air inside. Being cooped up with a bunch of toxins is a bad idea and when you are cleaning, it’s especially important to ventilate your space.

4.Forget the Mask: Onions, fish, broccoli, brussel sprouts – most will agree that while these things may taste great for dinner, they can leave a lasting impression even after the dishes are done. Fortunately, you don’t need store bought air freshener to neutralize a stinky house. Instead, cut two lemons in half and boil them for several minutes. The citrusy steam will work wonders. If you have a sweet tooth, take it a step further and bake something delicious. You’ll be too busy smelling the fresh cookies to notice any offending odours.

5. Shoes Off: Your footwear really gets around. In fact, it is estimated that 85% of the dirt in our homes is from the outside of our shoes or our four legged friends’ paws. Don’t let icky things hitch a ride into your house. Leave your kicks at the door and your floors will stay a lot cleaner.

These simple changes can have an enormous impact. This spring we hope you turn over a new green cleaning leaf!

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John Keirstead
John Keirstead
Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist and Inventor.
My objective is to develop useful products that have a net positive effect in the lives of those that use them and the environment that we live in.
CEO of Mission LED Lighting Company Ltd.

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  1. Whitney Love

    February 4, 2016 at 5:54 am

    Thank you a lot for the cleaning receipts. I am always looking for better cleaning ways and I am trying to reduce the usage of chemical cleaners. Greetings


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